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Found 13 results

  1. Version 1.11.2 v4


    These Resource Packs are only compatible with the Minecraft 1.11 releases, they have been tested with OptiFine and Sildurs Vibrant Shaders, these are not required but do add some nice features like Connected Textures (CTM), Better Skies, Random Mobs, Custom Colours, Shaders and lots more. They've not been tested with any other game mod, sorry I cannot help or support other untested mods. Seems to work fine with shaders. This pack is 32x32 resolution. Install instruction: Start the Minecraft launcher and go to "Edit Profile". From their click on the "Open Game Dir" button. If there is a folder named "resourcepacks" the open it and put the .zip file you downloaded in to the folder. If the folder doesn't exist, create it and copy the .zip file you downloaded in to the newly created folder. Go back to the launcher and close the options dialog, run the game. From the game go to Options->Resource Packs and select "John Smith Legacy JSC 1.10.2 v2.zip" by pressing the arrow that appear when you hold the mouse cursor over the texture pack. Press done and your done. Minecraft 1.11.2 Minecraft 1.12.1


  2. Minecraft 1.11.2 is not launching

    So, you're Minecraft is not not launching? Is the launcher giving you a error message? Well, I have finally broken it down that it has to do with the latest drivers from Nvidia that was released Jan 14 2017. So if you are running on a system using Nvidia GPU you need to look over what drivers you are using and most likely install a older version of those drivers. It worked for me.
  3. Version


    The mod adds a self-writing fullscreen map to your Minecraft client. Works as a separate mod but is a lot better with Xaero's Minimap. The reason why it's available separately is to keep Xaero's Minimap as light-weight as possible. The mod is in beta testing stage. The testing is open so anyone can download and try the mod out. Please report any bugs that you encounter or otherwise they won't get fixed. Use PM to report bugs. The mod is available for Minecraft versions 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10, 1.10.2 and 1.11. Install by dropping the jar into the Minecraft Forge's mods folder, as usual. A step-by-step guide is available on the download page. Current Features: Self-writing world map. Different for every world/dimension/server. Works in Singleplayer, Multiplayer and on Realms. Interactive interface. Open by pressing M. Move the map around with your mouse and zoom in/out using the mouse wheel, similar to Google Maps. Automatic MultiWorld / Lilypadded servers support. Minecraft Realms support (also with MultiWorld support). Texture Pack support. Changing the texture packs updates the whole world map and not just the new chunks. Cave dimensions support (similar to Nether). Vanilla maps mode. Makes the world map look like vanilla paper maps. Terrain texture customization. "Footsteps" showing your most recent path. Optional performance boosters. Xaero's Minimap integration. The minimap mod will display chunks loaded by the world map. The world map mod will display waypoints from the Xaero's Minimap. Minimap Features: Aesthetic feel and look of vanilla Minecraft. Runs smoother than most minimap mods. 2 mod editions: full and fair-play. Full version does not have any limits. Fair-play version does not display any entities or cave maps which is more suitable for public PVP servers. 2 colour modes: Vanilla, which uses the colours of vanilla Minecraft maps and Accurate, which uses the colours of block textures. Terrain texture customization. Compatible with Xaero's World Map and can use the chunks loaded by the world map instead of it's own. Option to limit your Minimap usage by binding it to an item that you'll need to have in your hotbar in order for the minimap show up. For example, add minimapItemId:minecraft:compass anywhere in the config file to bind it to compass. Multiple languages. Ability to lock north. Works both above and under ground. Togglable chunk grid. Togglable slime chunks mode. Cave maps. Waypoints. Infinite amount. Can be teleported to (permission needed). Press B to create a new waypoint. Press U to list all the waypoints. In-game waypoints. Waypoints will also be visible in-game. Can be disabled. Deathpoints. An automatic waypoint is created on each death. Displays mobs on the map as yellow dots. Customizable in the settings. Hostile and friendly mobs can be coloured differently. Displays players on the map as white dots or player heads. Customizable in the settings. Displays items on the map as red dots. Customizable in the settings. Displays all the other entities such as arrows and item frames as purple dots (Different types of entities can be disabled in mod settings). Customizable in the settings. Zoom in and out keybinds (I and O). Coordinates under the minimap. Current biome under the minimap. Configurable settings. From minimap size to entity amount. Press Y ingame to open. Edit mode which lets you move the minimap whereever you desire. Installation Instruction: Make sure you have the latest Forge Mod installed and that you have run the game at least once with a Forge profile Download and unzip the files to your Minecraft mods folder Open your Minecraft launcher and go to edit profile. Press the "Open Game Dir" button down below. Start your minecraft launcher and start the game using the "forge" profile.


  4. Persistence



    A mix between rustic and medieval that tries to add detail while still (hopefully) retaining the original feel of minecraft. Tries to stay close to the default textures in terms of overall structure and color, though it is a bit more vibrant. Install Instruction: Download the .zip file and put it in your Minecrafts "resourcepacks" folder. Run the game and go to Resources and choose the texture pack.


  5. Soartex Fanver



    Soartex is a smooth contemporary 64x Resource Pack inspired in the Vanilla textures from Minecraft. Our textures, originally started and made by Soar49, have been developed and updated by fans over the past three years. These textures are carefully designed to be detailed, but not photo-realistic; organic, but not cartoony. Fanver is a community continuation of Soartex, a Resource Pack started by Soar49. Fans are always encouraged to contribute textures through our forum and have their work representing the amazing work of Soartex. These contributions are reviewed by graphic designers, who make friendly recommendations while providing their authors with constructive criticism on how to improve their work to the smallest detail, and ultimately determine the content of updates. Fanver is also known for being faithful to the original work of Soar49 along with being faithful to the original textures from Minecraft by giving it a smooth and clean look, with as few alterations as possible. This resourcepack works really well with Optifine and shaders. It's recommended that you use Optifine for best results. Install Instruction: Download the .zip file and put it in your Minecrafts "resourcepacks" folder. Download the lite version if you have an older machine Run the game and go to Resources and choose the texture pack.


  6. Majestica



    A simple 32x32 texture pack that refines the standard textures to be a little more realistic, sharper and colorful. Install Instruction: Download the .zip file and put it in your Minecrafts "resourcepacks" folder. Run the game and go to Resources and choose the texture pack.


  7. DEM Textures

    Version 1.1.1


    Install Instruction: Download the .zip file and put it in your Minecrafts "resourcepacks" folder. Run the game and go to Resources and choose the texture pack.


  8. Cartoon Cubes



    Main idea when making Cartoon Cubes was to make a vivid and sharp pack in a low resolution. Install Instruction: Download the .zip file and put it in your Minecrafts "resourcepacks" folder. Run the game and go to Resources and choose the texture pack.


  9. Version 0.2


    Feathercloud Deluxe x128 is a smooth blocky pack that appears to have depth. The high res and bright colors make the blocks pop and the dark minimalistic hud compliments the look of it all. It is loosely based on my earlier pack Feathercloud which was only x8 resolution. Install Instructions: Download the .zip file and put it your Minecrafts "resourcepacks" folder.


  10. Version


    Ragecraft Faithful Resource Pack 1.11.2 is a another continuation of the popular Faithful 64×64 Resource Pack. This is an interesting traditional styled pack because, unlike the original Faithful pack, is is very often updated by its author. Ragecraft Faithful aspires to keep the feeling and style of the default Minecraft textures, while considerably improving their resolution and definition. Its 64×64 high quality resolution contributes to make it smoother and prettier than most of the other low resolution texture packs. Ragecraft Faithful is one of the best alternatives for Faithful. This Resourcepack is like Default with an own touch, however it is more detailed and has additional animations, comes with various add-ons and is fully compatible with connected textures, random mobs, custom sky, Aether II Mod and more. Ragecraft Faithful 1.11.2 is a little bit different from the original Faithful as its style is not exactly the same. As well as some enhancements like texture resolution, a few other additions have been made like slightly different UIs and modifications to a few blocks which surely most would consider positive. Even if it largely deserves its “Faithful” appellation, this pack is brightened up by a certain cartoon and colorful aspect. This new style is very enjoyable and does not impair the traditional Minecraft look. While Ragecraft really stays faithful to the default Minecraft textures, it allow us to play in a slightly different environment. This aspect is particularly visible through the furnace, jukebox, wood, piston and ore textures. In other words, this resource pack will best suit you if you enjoy vanilla textures but dislike the regular low resolution of the game. Install Instructions: Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD (choose Optifine after pressing the download button). Download the texture pack/resource pack on this page. Start Minecraft and go to options. Click the "Resource Packs" button. Click the "Open resource pack folder" button. Place the texture .zip file in this folder. When you launch Minecraft and click the resource packs button you should now see the pack is installed.


  11. Sildur's shaders

    Version 1.6.4


    Sildur's Shaders is an extension of GLSL shader mod. This shaderpack adds several effects to the game, like shadows, volumetric lighting, bloom and water reflections. Unlike other shaderpacks, Sildur's Shaders is designed to work on all graphics cards and computers, including Macs, while still delivering a great graphical experience. See below for screenshots and download links. I run this shader as my default one. Recommended version is "high". It looks awesme and the video below was made with this shader mod. /Thelaptopgamer Install Instructions: Download and install the MC version you want to use. Download the corresponding optifine version (Only download Optifine after pressing the Download button) Run the optifine jar file you just downloaded, it's an installer. (if you want to use forge don't run it and put it into your mods folder instead) Launch the game using the newly created optifine profile, unless you use forge, in that case run it using the forge profile. Go to options -> video settings -> shaders and pick it from the list Video of Sildur's shaders running on my Realm


  12. Forge Mod



    Minecraft Forge API is an open-source utility or mod-layer for Minecraft versions 1.5.2,1.6.4,1.7.2,1.7.10,1.8,1.9 and 1.10.2,1.11,1.11.2 packed with modification features that equip both developers and players with modding capabilities. Players and developers can use the Minecraft Forge tool to reduce existing Minecraft mod incompatibilities or iron them out completely. An example of its effective use would be players installing multiple mods with similar functionality without experiencing any errors or glitches, while developers can connect their mods without having to worry about any conflicts with other connected mods. Install Instruction: All new Minecraft Forge versions come standard with in-built installers. The installation steps below apply to v1.5.2 and previous versions Download the latest available version of Minecraft Forge Unzip the .jar file and run it Select Install Client, the installer will automatically find the standard Minecraft mods folder Let the installer finish Open you Minecraft launcher and check if a new profile has been created. If a new profile "Forge" is created, select it and run Minecraft. Follow the steps below if a new profile is not created after you've installed the Forge mod Open the Minecraft launcher Go to edit you profile Under which version of Minecraft you want to associate with you profile select the Forge version (bottom of the list) Save your profile Run the game


  13. Version 1.12.1


    This mod adds support for HD textures and a lot of options for better looks and performance. Doubling the FPS is common. OptiFine HD B6 Ultra for Minecraft 1.11.2 (has all the features of Standard, Smooth, Multi-Core and AA, highly configurable) The Chocapic13 Shader pack adds shaders to Minecraft allowing for full lighting support with dynaminc shadows, realistic lighting and much more. Install Instructions: Download the files and extract them to any folder Start the Minecraft launcher and go to "Edit Profile" Click on the "Open Game Dir" button. Put OptiFine_1.11.2_HD_U_B6.jar in the mods folder (if there is no mods folder, create one) Put the three .zip files in the shaderpacks folder (if there is no shaderpacks folder, create one) Go back to the launcher and close the options window Start Minecraft Go to Options -> Video Settings -> Shaders Choose one of the shader packs and click Done And your Done. Try the other two packs and choose the one that suits you. This mod might require Forge Mod in order to run. This mod works well with John Smith Legacy texture pack.



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