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    One of my all time favorites still today.
    Oh god, the memories...
    This is without a doubt one of the absolute best strategy games ever made.
    Not the best of them but it's still good. And they made a movie after it.
    Oh I remember this! I played the this so many hours with my friends tucked away in my bedroom... Those were the days.
    The humor in this games i spot on!
    This is a great game. I got stuck several times playing this in my childhood.
    Oh.. My.. God! The first game I ever played!
    This is OK. There are better and more alive games out there no though.
    Heck yeah! Elders scrolls ftw!
    Watch out for the purple one. He's going to take over the world...
    Still one of the best games ever made.
    I grew up with this game =)