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    • By Thelaptopgamer
      Here's a fully working version of Minecraft that can be run from a thumb-drive if you are like me and want to be able to take Minecraft with you anywhere. It works by adding the data folder to the portable folder with the help from a .bat file.
      You can even run resource packs with it and connect to realms. The launcher downloads the latest version of Minecraft so there should be no problem.
      Screenshots are taken using the portable version, playing 1.11.2 on my own realm.
      Note that this is the full version of Minecraft so you still need a Mojang account to login and run the game.
      Install Instructions:
      Download the .zip file and unpack it. Rename the folder to anything you want Run the .bat file that is located inside the folder. This will update the .exe file inside the Bin folder and start the launcher Run the bat file every time you want to launch the game. This makes sure that files are saved in the portable folder.  
      There you go. Take MC with you and play it with your settings and resourcepacks from anywhere.
    • By Thelaptopgamer
      Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands on Conan the Barbarian.
    • By Thelaptopgamer
      Leisure Suit Larry was created together with Police Quest 1, as a new addition to the adventure genre.
      You are Larry Laffer, a 38-year-old loser who has lived his entire life at his mum's place. One day he suddenly realises that he needs to live the good life and taste the forbidden fruit, so he goes out and buys a leisure suit and some gold jewellery. The old Larry Laffer has died, and the new one is ready to get down and boogie!
      The plot of the game is quite simple: you have to score with a female within 24 hours.
      This game is great fun, and it kept me busy for a long time when it was released. Considering that I was about eight years old when I first tried the game, it is a miracle that I actually managed to complete it. (My English typing was quite basic in those days, to say the least). Thankfully my older brother stepped in and helped me type such difficult commands as EXAMINE and GIVE WHISKEY TO DRUNK. Basically he did almost everything in the game the first time I "played" it. Thanks, man!
      This game was the first of its kind to have sequels waiting. Al Lowe had designed Larry to evolve throughout the games, so the story of Larry is more complex than the story of many other game heroes.
      There is not much more to say about the first Larry game. It was meant as an introduction to the "quest" game style, although it is very different from the other three series (King's Quest, Space Quest & Police Quest).
    • By Thelaptopgamer
      Three Vikings — Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout — get kidnapped by Tomator, emperor of the alien Croutonian empire, for an inter-galactic zoo. They are able to escape the ship, but get lost in various periods of time. They must traverse various bizarre locations, and eventually confront and defeat Tomator, to find their way home.
      The Lost Vikings is a side-scrolling platform adventure in which the player alternates control of the three Viking characters, guiding each of them one at a time (though control may be swapped from character to character at any point) from a designated start point in each level to the exit (The game offers a two-player cooperative mode in which each player simultaneously controls one Viking and is allowed to change control to the third, unused Viking at any point). Every level is designed such that each Viking must contribute his unique skills to help the other two through to the end. Similarly, to finish the level, all three characters must reach the exit point. The Vikings each have three health points which they can lose by getting hurt by enemies or by falling from great heights. Should any Viking run out of health points, he dies; gameplay will then continue with any remaining Vikings, but the level becomes unwinnable, and the player will eventually have to restart the level and try again (the game offers unlimited continues).
      Each Viking has the ability to carry and use items — such as keys, bombs, and food (which restore health points) — as well as a unique set of skills:
      Erik can run faster than the other two, can jump, and can bash through some walls (and enemies) with his helmet.
      Baleog can kill enemies with his sword, or from a distance with his bow (and a "life-time supply of arrows"). The bow can also be used to hit switches from a distance.
      Olaf can block enemies and their projectiles with his shield and use his shield as a hang glider. Olaf's shield can also be used as a platform to for Baleog to walk over and to allow Erik to reach higher areas.
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About This File

Day of the Tentacle, also known as Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle, is a 1993 graphic adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It is the sequel to the 1987 game Maniac Mansion. The game's plot follows Bernard Bernoulli and his friends Hoagie and Laverne as they attempt to stop the evil Purple Tentacle—a sentient, disembodied tentacle—from taking over the world. The player takes control of the trio and solves puzzles while using time travel to explore different periods of history.

Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer co-led the game's development, their first time in such a role. The pair carried over a limited number of elements from Maniac Mansion and forwent the character selection aspect to simplify development. Inspirations included Chuck Jones cartoons and the history of the United States. Day of the Tentacle is the eighth LucasArts title to use the SCUMM engine.

The game was released simultaneously on floppy disk and CD-ROM to critical acclaim and commercial success. Critics focused on its cartoon-style visuals and comedic elements. Day of the Tentacle has featured regularly in lists of "top" games published more than two decades after its release, and aspects have been referenced in popular culture. A remaster of Day of the Tentacle was developed by Schafer's current studio, Double Fine Productions, and released on March 22, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Windows and OS X.

Day of the Tentacle follows the point-and-click two-dimensional adventure game formula, first established by the original Maniac Mansion. Players direct the controllable characters around the game world by clicking with the computer mouse. To interact with the game world, players choose from a set of nine commands arrayed on the screen (such as "pick up", "use", or "talk to") and then on an object in the world. This was the last SCUMM game to use the original interface of having the bottom of the screen being taken up by a verb selection and inventory; starting with the next game to use the SCUMM engine, Sam & Max Hit the Road, the engine was modified to scroll through a more concise list of verbs with the right mouse button and having the inventory on a separate screen.

Day of the Tentacle uses time travel extensively; early in the game, the three main protagonists are separated across time by the effects of a faulty time machine. The player, after completing certain puzzles, can then freely switch between these characters, interacting with the game's world in the separate time periods. Certain small inventory items can be shared by placing the item into the "Chron-o-Johns", modified portable toilets that instantly transport objects to the other time period, while other items are shared by simply leaving the item in a past time period to be picked up by a character in a future period. Changes made to a past time period will affect a future one, and many of the game's puzzles are based on the effect of time travel, aging of certain items, and alterations of the time stream. For example, one puzzle requires the player, while in the future era where Purple Tentacle has succeeded, to send a medical chart of a Tentacle back to the past, having it used as the design of the American flag, then collecting one such flag in the future to be used as a Tentacle disguise to allow that character to roam freely.

The whole original Maniac Mansion game can be played on a computer resembling a Commodore 64 inside the Day of the Tentacle game; this practice has since been repeated by other game developers, but at the time of Day of the Tentacle's release, it was unprecedented.

Five years after the events of Maniac Mansion, Purple Tentacle—a mutant monster and lab assistant created by mad scientist Dr. Fred Edison—drinks toxic sludge from a river behind Dr. Fred's laboratory. The sludge causes him to grow a pair of flipper-like arms, develop vastly increased intelligence and a thirst for global domination. Dr. Fred plans to resolve the issue by killing Purple Tentacle and his harmless, friendly brother Green Tentacle, but Green Tentacle sends a plea of help to his old friend, the nerd Bernard Bernoulli. Bernard travels to the Edison family motel with his two housemates, deranged medical student Laverne and roadie Hoagie, and frees the tentacles. Purple Tentacle escapes to resume his quest to take over the world.

A horizontal rectangular video game screenshot that is a digital representation of domestic room. Four characters stand around a table in the middle of the room. A list of words and icons are below the scene.

The game displays the point-and-click interface below the scene. Time travel and interaction with cartoon versions of figures from American colonial history, such as John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, are key to gameplay.

Since Purple Tentacle's plans are flawless and unstoppable, Dr. Fred decides to use his Chron-o-John time machines to send Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie to the day before to turn off his Sludge-o-Matic machine, thereby preventing Purple Tentacle's exposure to the sludge. However, because Dr. Fred used an imitation diamond rather than a real diamond as a power source for the time machine, the Chron-o-Johns breaks down in operation. Laverne is sent 200 years in the future, where humanity has been enslaved and Purple Tentacle rules the world from the Edison mansion, while Hoagie is dropped 200 years in the past, where the motel is being used by the Founding Fathers as a retreat to write the United States Constitution.

Bernard is returned to the present. To salvage Dr. Fred's plan, Bernard must acquire a replacement diamond for the time machine, while Hoagie and Laverne must restore power to their respective Chron-o-John pods by plugging them in. To overcome the lack of electricity in the past, Hoagie recruits the help of Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Fred's ancestor, Red Edison, to build a superbattery to power his pod, while Laverne evades capture by the tentacles long enough to run an extension cord to her unit. The three send small objects back and forth in time through the Chron-o-Johns and make changes to history to help the others complete their tasks.

Eventually, Bernard uses Dr. Fred's family fortune of royalties from Maniac Mansion to purchase a real diamond, both Laverne and Hoagie manage to power their Chron-o-Johns, and the three are reunited in the present. Purple Tentacle arrives, hijacks a Chron-o-John and takes it to the previous day to prevent them from turning off the sludge machine; he is pursued by Green Tentacle in another pod. With only one Chron-o-John pod left, Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne use it to pursue the tentacles to the previous day, while Dr. Fred uselessly tries to warn them of using the pod together, referencing the film The Fly.

Upon arriving, the trio exit the pod only to discover that they have been turned into a three-headed monster, their bodies merging into one during the transfer. Meanwhile, Purple Tentacle has used the time machine to bring countless of versions of himself from different moments in time to the same day to prevent the Sludge-o-Matic from being deactivated. Bernard and his friends defeat the Purple Tentacles guarding the Sludge-o-Matic, turn off the machine and prevent the whole series of events from ever happening. Returning to the present, Dr. Fred discovers that the three have not been turned into a monster at all but have just gotten stuck in the same set of clothes; they are then ordered by Dr. Fred to get out of his house. The game ends with the credits rolling over a tentacle-shaped American flag, one of the more significant results of their tampering in history.

User Feedback


As Bernard when starting-

1)So where is the secret lab?
Open the grandfather clock.

2)Where are the battery plans?
On the bulletin board in the lab between the generator and the Sludge-o-Matic machine.


1)So how am I supposed to save the world?
Find Red Edison, get the battery built, get the battery charged, plug in the Chron-o-John.

2)How do I find Red Edison?
Enter the grandfather clock in the foyer and enter the secret passage.

3)Who's the guy in the field?
That's Ben Franklin-knows a lot about electricity-check back with him after you get the battery built.

4)What about the mummy?
That's Dead Cousin Ted-talking to his silent, bandage-wrapped bod often helps Hoagie organize his thoughts.

5)I can't get Red to build the battery.
He needs oil, vinegar, and gold; you'll have to provide the ingredients.

6)How can I get the gold?
You could try to take the pen on the table, but they would catch you, You'll need to get rid of them, there is a smoke alarm on the mantle, they seem very concerned about fire. To start a fire, you'll need Jefferson's log.

7)Jefferson won't fork over the log.
He sure does admire Washington! If he thought Washington was cold maybe?

8)What would make Washington look cold?
Make his teeth shake so he thought he was cold. Replace his current false teeth with the chattering teeth found in the convention hall in Bernard's timeframe.

9)How do I get the chattering teeth?
Open the floor grate by the fireplace, then chase the teeth into the grate, and pick them up from there.

10)Washington won't take the teeth.
You'll need a cigar to remove those teeth. You have to find a way to get one from the novelty salesman in the convention hall in Bernard's time.

11)How do I get the cigar from the salesman?
Sabotage the lighter so he can't use it! You need to switch the flag gun from Dwayne's room for the lighter gun in the convention hall. Dwayne's chair (on the door) is in the way; you need to get Dwayne to leave, so Bernard can grab the gun.

12)How can I get Dwayne to leave?
He is very depressed-he could use some good news. If only someone admired one of his ideas....Have Hoagie get the letter from the mailbox and give it to Bernard to give to Dwayne.

13)O.K., I've built a fire, but I still can't get the pen.
You need to block the chimney, but you need something that can be stuffed into the chimney to keep the smoke in. Use Handcock's blanket-go up on the roof (through the attic) to do it.

14)Where can I find the oil?
Check the kitchen for the oil.

15)How do I get vinegar?
Start with the bottle of wine in Franklin's room. Wine turns into vinegar if not properly stored. Time is the key factor-give it to Jefferson for his time capsule.

16)How do I open the time capsule?
Laverne has to open it in the future after the tentacles dig it up, now if only Laverne had some way to open a metal canister. Have Hoagie give Laverne the can opener. Then she can use it in the Colonial Room to open the time capsule and give Hoagie the vinegar.

17)How do I get Laverne out of the tree and upstairs?
See Laverne's section in this Hint Book.

18)O.K., I've given the battery ingredients to Red, and i've got the battery, but it still won't work.
Try looking at the battery. You need to get it electriclly charged- try Franklin's kite.

19)Ben says it's too sunny for his experiment. How can I make it rain?
Wash the carriage with brush, soap and water.

20)I've found the water. Where's the brush and soap?
The brush is in the cabinet in the washroom where you found the bucket. The soap is on the maid's cart.

21)I still haven't found where the soap is.
You'll need to do something in Washingtons room to make it messy.. Use the bed, pull the sash, then run out in the hall and pick up the soap off the cart.

22)How can I get Ben to fly the kite again?
He still needs waterproof kite material. The lab coat in Red's workshop is waterproof. Give him the lab coat from the lab downstairs, then use the battery with the kite when Ben gives it to you. Push the kilte when Ben says "Now". Then pick up the battery and plug in the Chron-o-John.

23)How can I get the lab coat?
Red might give it to you if you were trusted.. Hire on his assistant by giving him the Help Wanted sign.


1)When can I get a diamond for the time machine?
You need money. If Dr.Fred were to sign the contract in the safe in his office...

2)How do I get Dr.Fred to open the safe?
Talk to Edna about the way to his heart.. Put him to sleep by using the Decaf coffee from the kitchen in his mug.

3)I still can't get the safe combination.
He keeps his combination in his head. You need someplace to observe Fred carefully. Watch Dr.Fred on TV in Edna's room

4)How do I get past this Edna person?
Don't you wish you could push her out of the way? The problem is that sword on the statue. If only the statue were right-handed...

5)How can I get rid of the statue?
Have Hoagie get the left-handed hammer from Red's workshop, and switch it for the right-handed one in Jed & Ned's room, then push Edna.

6)Dr.Fred spins the dial too fast. How can I slow him down?
Maybe you could slow the TV image down... Get the video tape from Green Tentacle's room.

7)Fred is still to fast for me.
Try instant replay.. Use the tape with the VCR, then press the red record button. Rewind the tape, then change the right hand switch to EP. Now play the tape again. Bernard now knows the combonation and can open the safe.

8)How do I get the contract signed? Dr.Fred has disappeared.
He hasn't disappeared; he's up in the attic tied to a bed.

9)The IRS won't let me see Dr.Fred.
Sneak up the chimney.

10)Dr.Fred can't sign the contract. He's all tied up.
Pick up the rope.

11)How do I remove red tape?
If only someone would take his place.. Maybe you could get another family member to help here..

12)How do I move Ted?
Use the rope with the pulley. Tie the rope to Ted. Pull the rope while standing on the roof.

13)The IRS dosen't seem to be fooled.
Color him red.. Get the red paint from the attic.

14)How do I get Fred out of the attic?
Try the same way you got Ted in. Tie the rope to Fred, then go out on the roof and pull it.

15)Now that i've freed Fred, how do I wake him up?
You need the regular coffee from the kitchen.

16)Fred dosen't seem thirsty.
Use the funnel from the cabinet in the washroom with Dr. Fred, then use coffee with the funnel.

17)Fred won't sign the contract.
Tell him you'll stop the tentacles by yourself.

18)Wait a minute; this contract's outdated.
Just like he should have shut off the sludge machine earlier. This isin't a problem when you've got a time machine. Let Hoagie mail it.

19)Where can I get a stamp?
Weird Ed's got some and as long as their useful he'll keep them. Get the disappearing ink from Dwayne's room and use it with the stamp album.

20)O.K., Dr. Fred has money, but he won't order the diamond.
Get Dr.Freds bankbook from the office, then make sure to watch TV before you call the Shopping Network.


1)How do I get Laverne out of the tree?
That tree has got to go.

2)What could hurt a kumquat tree?
Get Hoagie to talk to George Washington about chopping down the tree!

3)This isin't the right kind of tree for George.
Paint the tree red with the paint from the attic, then challenge George's tree-chopping ability while he's in the convention hall. (Dialouge path 1,1,2,2, if you haven't alked to him before, otherwise 2,2)

4)Now Laveren is imprisoned. How can I get her out?
Have Laverne talk to the guard and say she's sick or ask to go to the bathroom.

5)O.K., how can I get Laverne out of jail FOR GOOD?
You need to make a tentacle costume with the tentacle chart from the tentacle doctor's office, those would make a good patern for a costume.

6)Who would make a disquise?
Try leaving the tentacle pattern with Betsy ROss.

7)Laverne can't get to the Chron-o-John.
You'll have to get Laverne captured again, then tell the guard you have to go to the bathroom and head for the yard.

8)How can I get to the roof?
Use the fireplace!

9)How can I reach the disquise?
Get the crank from Bernard and use it with the crank box, then turn the crank.

10)How can I get the guard to let me open the clock?
Get rid of him. What is the thing he loves to do? Chase down and catch escaping humans. So get some to escape.

11)None of the humans in the front hall want to go anywhere.
Get rid of the Kennel Guard. If you won the contest, you could use the dinner certificate.

12)How do I win the contest? I don't have a human.
Ted, the mummy, sort of looks like a human.

13)Ted won't leave the room.
Use the skates. Then push.

14)When does the contest start?
You need to register Ted first. Get a tag from the blue tentacle by the fireplace in the regisration room.

15)When does the judging start?
Talk to the judges to get them to attend to business.

16)How can Laverne win?
Get rid of Harold.

17)Harold won't leave.
He might if he were sick or looked sick. What about the fake barf in Bernard's time? You need to get it off the ceiling. Turn on the stereo and push over the speaker in the middle of the tentacles' room, then get the barf and have Laverne use it with Ted.

18)I got rid of Harold, but I still don't think Laverne will win.
Ted lacks a certain lifelike quality. He needs a better laugh, a better smile, and better hair.

19)How can I get a better laugh?
Get Oozo's laugh box from the clown in the convention hall in Bernard's time.

20)That clown drives me crazy.
Use the scapel to do him in.

21)How can Ted get a better smile?
Who has nice teeth? The talking horse in Hoagie's time has a really good smile.

22)Smiles aren't easy to steal.
They are dentures. Put the horse to sleep.

23)What could relax a horse?
Bernard's textbook could put anyone to sleep.

24)How can I cure Ted's scalp problem?
Have you flushed the spaghetti?

25)Ted's "hair" just isin't good enough.
Use the fork from the kitchen in Bernard's time with the spaghetti on Ted's head...

26)Even with the kennel guard gone, those darn humans still won't leave.
You'll have to scare them.

27)What could possibly scare a human?
A wild animal? a SKUNK?

28)Where could I find one of those human-scaring critters?
The black cat outside? Paint the fence white so when he rubs his back he will get a white stripe.

29)How could I improve the appearence of the fence?
There is no white paint in the whole game. So use the Booboo-b-gone from Fred's office on the fence.

30)I still can't pick up the cat.
Cat food could be a good thing to use to lure him down. Use the toy mouse from the attic in the past.

31)That cat in the past is very selfish.
What if there was something to distract him like a mouse? Something like a squeaky mattress?

32)The cat's too fast for Hoagy.
Use the squeaky mattress with the other bed.

33)I made it to the basement, but there's no way to use the generator.
You'll need a hamster from Ed's room in Bernard's time to power it.

34)Ed threw me out of his room, and I can't get back in.
Give Ed the stamp album.

35)The only hamster is in the present, and I can't flush it.
How can I preserve the hamster? Put him on ice-Put the hamster in the ice machine.

36)What good is a cold critter?
Thaw the hamster out in the microwave.

37)A chilly and wet hamster isin't very useful either.
Maybe a sweater would warm it up. The sweater's stuck under the guy in the bedroon in Bernard's time.

38)How do I wake up the guy in pajamas?
The Fickle Finger machine might move him-if you had enough dimes.

39)How do I get the dime out of the gum?
Use the crowbar.

40)The guy in the ski mask won't give me the crowbar.
He needs some other way to get in the car. Give him the keys you can get by closing the door inside the honeymoon suite.

41)The sweater won't flush.
2 problems - it's too big and it's too wet. A dryer might solve both but it needs quarters.

42)Where can I get quarters?
Use the crowbar with the candy machine.

43)Bernard can't get the sweater out of the dryer.
Laverne can get it out...

44)I forgot why I needed the sweater.
To warm the hamster so it can run the generator.

45)I've lost my hamster.
He's in the mousehole. What you need is a vaccum-cleaner.

46)Where could I find a vaccum cleaner?
Have Hoagie use the vaccum cleaner flier from the lobby with the suggestion box.

47)Help! The hamster's stuck in the vaccum cleaner.
Open the hatch and get it out!

48)How do I disable the booby trap?
You already have - it's a one-hit wonder.

49)The generator's running, but I can't connect it to the Chron-o-John.
Use the extension cord from the seventies exhibit through the basement window to connect the Chron-o-John to the generator.


1)I'm too small to do anything and somebody stole my inventory.
Everything you need is in the mansion, and being small wears off.

2)How can I get to the switch? There's 10 tentacles guarding it.
Get the bowling ball from green Tentacle's room.

3)Old Purple Tentacle zaps me before I can do anything.
Maybe there's a secret passageway you haven't noticed yet all through the game. Get Dwayne's door open when large, get Old Purple to zap you, run through the mousehold when small, wait there until you grow, and pick up the bowling ball when large.

4)Now Old Purple Tentacle won't let me throw the switch.
If only you could shoot HIM with the ray gun. There IS a mirrow in the room. Talk to Old Pur into shooting Dr.Fred (Dialouge path 1,4,1,3)

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