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Beneath a Steel Sky

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About This File

Robert Foster is an innocent outsider stranded in a vast city where oppressed civilians live and work in soaring tower blocks... while the corrupt, covetous and rich lie underground, shielded from all pollution. Alone, save for a robot circuit board, Foster must fight for survival... and discover the sinister truth behind his abduction...

Paranoid population. Psychotic criminals. Power hungry corporation. Big Brother government. Haves and have nots.

In the not so impossible future. In the melting pot of Union City. All man's social problems are coming to a boil. Under the claustrophobic lid of a steel sky.

From the pit of the industrial level to the belly of commercial sector, to the spheres where the rich and powerful play. It's Man against Man. Man against Machine. Man against Time. In an urban hell only you can liberate... Maybe.

Featuring Revolution's Software innovative Virtual Theatre system, Beneath a Steel Sky is a gripping science fiction point and click adventure game in the cyberpunk genre. Over 100 locations designed and art directed by award-winning comic book author Dave Gibbons (Watchmen fame). His comic book, inspired by the game itself, is included to complete the content.

A claustrophobic, paranoid and psychotic atmosphere
Over 100 locations designed by an English comic book artist and writer Dave Gibbons
Many interesting characters that move about freely and live out their own lives, thanks to the Virtual Theatre system

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Dialog can be skipped by clicking the left mouse button.

Pick up the rung at the left end of the elevated walkway and use it on the door at right to access the fire escape. Open the door and re-enter the press room. Go downstairs and exit through the doorway at right. Revive Joey by using the circuit board in your inventory with the junk in the foreground shaped like caterpillar tracks. Step on the striped elevator platform to attract a worker, Mr. Hobbins, then immediately enter the workshop at right, open the cabinet at left rear and grab a wrench.

Return to the elevator room and look at the transporter robot. Step on the elevator platform again. After Hobbins reappears and shuts the elevator alarm off, talk to him:


Talk to your robot pal Joey:


Stand to the right of the elevator and wait for the transport robot to return with a cylinder. As soon as the elevator platform descends, right-click on the elevator hole to climb down to the furnace level. Wait for Joey to come down after the next cycling of the elevator. Look at the lock next to the door, then talk to Joey about opening the door. After Officer Reich appears and is killed by the electric eye above, right-click on his corpse to get his ID card and sunglasses.

Exit through the doorway to the upper-level walkway, then move one screen right to the factory entrance behind and to the right of the LINC terminal. Enter the factory and talk to the woman:

Never mind

Wait for supervisor Gilbert Lamb to dismiss the woman Anita:


Move one screen right and use the wrench in the cogs:


Remove the wrench jammed in the cogs and move one screen left. Use the wrench on the large welding robot, then talk to Joey:


Return one screen right and attempt to enter the storeroom behind the sensors. Talk to Joey:


Wait for him to return, then talk to him again:


Talk to Joey:


Wait for Joey to return, then enter the storeroom. Lift the gangway and pick up some putty underneath it. Exit the storeroom and give up Reich's sunglasses to the technician:


(much later you'll get to see the sweater they're talking about). Leave the factory by moving two screens left. Look at the red cable at right, then move in front of the LINC terminal and talk to Joey:


Move two screens left and enter the power station at far left. Use the wrench on the left button of the steam unit, then use it on the right button. Stand in front of the left button and talk to Joey:

button on the right

Simultaneously press the left button, then wait for the man to leave. Use the switch at the upper right of the control panel to turn off its light bulb, then pick up the bulb from the socket at left. Put the putty in the light socket and operate the switch again to open the left panel. Use the left-hand switch, then the right-hand one. Exit the room and move two screens right to the down elevator outside the factory entrance. Put the ID card into the elevator slot (a process you'll have to repeat whenever you want to use an elevator). Enter the elevator and descend to the Belle Vue level. Grab the red cable, then move one screen left. Enter the courtyard at upper right and use the ID card to open the left-hand door to Reich's apartment. Enter the apartment and get a magazine under the pillow. Exit the apartment and courtyard and move two screens right to the Man and Machine sculpture. Enter Travelco and give the magazine to the clerk:


Pick up the travel ticket from the clerk's desk, then exit Travelco and move one screen left. Wait until Lamb appears, then give the ticket to him. Return to the upper level via the elevator and enter the factory. Wait for Lamb to appear, then talk to him:


After Lamb describes the broken machine and leaves you alone, move one screen right and talk to Anita:


Give your ID card to Anita, then talk to her again:


Exit the factory by moving three screens left. Use the ID card with the LINC terminal outside the factory:


Wait for Lamb to appear and unsuccessfully try his card in the elevator scanner. Talk to Lamb:


Use your ID card on the elevator slot and proceed to Lamb's apartment next to Reich's. Use the ID card on the right-hand door slot and enter the apartment. Pick up the video cassette from the bookshelf at left and insert it into the VCR under the TV screen at right, displaying a cat movie. Operate the machine to the right of the TV to feed the cat. Exit the apartment and courtyard and move two screens left to the waiting room of Burke's Bio-Surgery. Talk to the projector/receptionist:


Talk to the projector:


Talk to the projector:


Talk to Joey:


Exit left and talk to Burke. Talk to him again:


Talk to Burke:


Talk to Burke and get a Schriebmann port. Talk to him again:


Move six screens right to Anchor Insurance and talk to the agent:


Talk to the agent again:


When the agent leaves, talk to Joey:


Pick up the anchor and use it with the cable in your inventory to create a grappling hook. Move two screens left and take the elevator to the upper level. Move two screens left and enter the Recycling Center at right. Climb the stairs and exit to the fire escape at upper right. Use the grappling hook on the sign. Exit the locker room and insert the ID card into the chair (interface) slot. Quickly use the interface.

Pick up the golden ball (COMPRESSED DATA) and exit right through the white bar. Use OPEN (in your inventory) on the carpet bag and pick up the birthday surprise (DECOMPRESS) and magnifying glass (DECRYPT). Use DECRYPT on each DOCUMENT in your inventory (question marks disappear). Use DECOMPRESS on the COMPRESSED DATA to obtain two PASSWORDs. Taking the exit north will cause an immediate disconnect, so exit right instead. Using the notation

Grid Notation

follow these steps:

Use one of the passwords at G
Use a password at H
Pick up the password at G
Use a password at D
Move to E, then pick up the password at H
Use a password at E
Pick up the password at D
Move through A, B, E and F, then use a password at I
Move to F and C and take the exit north

Pick up the bust (PHOENIX) and book (DOCUMENT). Use DECRYPT on the DOCUMENT to remove its question mark. Exit left and follow these steps:

Move to F and pick up the password at I
Use a password at H
Move through I, F, E, B, A, D and G and exit left

Click on DISCONNECT in your inventory.

Use the ID card on the LINC terminal at far right:


and learn your real name. Use the ID card on the elevator slot to go up one level to the police station. Exit to the left, then move one screen right to the down elevator. Go down to Belle Vue. Move one screen left and use the down elevator to descend to ground level. Move one screen left and talk to the doorman of the St. James Club:


Wander around the pond until you find a fat lady in pink (Mrs. Danielle Piermont) walking her dog; talk to her:


Move one screen right and wait for the dog Spunky to show up. After Mrs. Piermont goes up in the elevator, use the elevator lift button:


Use the video cassette in your inventory with the VCR. Look at the dog's bowl and pick up some dog biscuits. Exit the apartment and move one screen left. Put the dog biscuits on the plank holding the stack of bricks, then wait about 90 seconds for the dog to come and start barking at the biscuits. Use the rope holding the plank, then enter the cathedral when the guard is preoccupied saving the dog. Exit north and open the middle locker, where you'll discover Anita's lifeless body.

Return to Anita's area in the factory by moving two screens left, taking the elevator up, moving one screen right, taking the other elevator up, entering the factory and finally moving two screens right. Open the middle locker and don the overalls inside (cool sweater!). Exit right and use the control panel:


Exit through the open reactor door and pick up the LINC card on the floor. Return two screens left to the clothes lockers and put on your coat. Move four screens left and enter the police station at right. Take the elevator up one level and use Anita's LINC card in the interface slot. Access the game control menu using the F5 key and minimize gameplay speed with the Game Speed slider control. Press the Play button at lower left. Use the interface.

Use BLIND (in your inventory) on the eyeball, then exit right to the wood zone. Use BLIND on the eyeball and immediately exit north to the checkerboard zone. Exit north to the well zone. Exit right to the starting zone and immediately pick up the tuning fork. Exit left back to the well zone and use PLAYBACK on the well. Listen to the message from Anita, then click on DISCONNECT in your inventory.

Restore the gameplay speed using the F5 key. Use the elevator and exit the police station. Return to the ground-level courtyard by moving one screen right, taking the elevator down, moving one screen left, taking the other elevator down, moving one screen left and one screen to the lower right. Look at the door of the shed to disclose its lock. Use the ID card with the lock and enter the shed. Pick up the red secateurs (pruning shears) from the top of the barrel, then exit left. Move one screen right (behind the shed) and exhaust dialog with the boy, Vincent. Exhaust dialog with the gardener, Eduardo. Exhaust dialog with Vincent again. Exhaust dialog with Eduardo three more times and learn about a computer virus for LINC. Move three screens left into the courtroom:


Talk to the St. James Club doorman:

Never mind

Enter the club and use the jukebox on the lower level:


Wait for the music to repeat and Colston to get up from the table at which he's playing cards. While he's gone, pick up his glass. Return to Burke's Bio-Surgery by moving one screen left, moving one screen right, taking the elevator up, and moving three screens left. Give the glass to Burke and get a new set of fingerprints. Return to the St. James Club by moving three screens right, taking the elevator down, moving one screen left and descending the stairs by the doorman. Use the metal plate at the right rear of the club. Open the packing case using the metal bar in your inventory. Take the wooden lid from the case and put it on the box next to the back wall. Climb the box and use the metal bar to make a hole in the grill. Use the secateurs on the grill to gain access to a narrow (one-way) passage to the subway.

Move one screen right and enter the branching tunnel in the back. Continue one screen right (but not past the hole) and use the light bulb in the wall socket, scaring away the monster that lives in the hole. Move one screen right and save your game before taking the right-hand exit.

Slow down the game speed and exit through the (one-way) passage to the right. Immediately click on the right-hand (one-way) tunnel exit. Restore normal game speed and use the metal bar on the wall plaster, then on the exposed brickwork. Pick up the fallen brick and use the metal bar on the swelling in the vein. Use the brick on the crowbar stuck in the vein. Retrieve the crowbar, then immediately exit through the (one-way) door at right while the repair robot is fixing the damage to the vein. Exit north to the fire pit chamber. Use the control unit:


While the fire cover is contracted, quickly pull the metal bar above the fire to loosen the grill. Exit one screen left and use the grill to observe the tank room. Click on the grill to zoom back out, then move two screens right into the robot area. Carefully use the circuit board on the slot in the red-and-white robot:


Wait for Joey to return, then talk to him:


Talk to Joey again:


Wait to hear a dripping sound, then enter the tank room through the doorway at rear left. The android falls through the grill you prepared earlier in the pit chamber (which somehow has sunk one floor down from this level). Exit to the right past the large translucent tanks, then go through the open doorway at right into the control room. Use the ID card with the terminal:


Exit the control room and encounter Gallagher. After he's killed, get a red LINC card from his corpse. Retrieve Joey's circuit board from the damaged robot and exit through the right rear doorway back into the control room. Insert the red LINC card in the interface slot and quickly use the interface.

Exit right to the wood zone. Use BLIND on the eyeball, then immediately exit north to the checkerboard zone. Use DIVINE WRATH on the crusader blocking passage to the right. DISCONNECT.

Insert Anita's LINC card in the interface slot and quickly use the interface.

Exit right to the wood zone. Use BLIND on the eyeball, then immediately exit north to the checkerboard zone. Exit right to the stars zone. Use OSCILLATOR on the crystal and pick up the helix (VIRUS). DISCONNECT.

Exit the control room, then go through the large circular hatch at right. Use Anita's LINC card with the console to infect LINC with the virus. Pick up the tongs from the right-hand wall and use them with the right-hand (rectangular) tank. While the flesh they're holding is still red, quickly use the tongs with the left-hand (circular) tank to freeze the tissue. Exit right and open the cabinet of the center console. Insert the circuit board into the cabinet, then use the console above it:

Never mind

Retrieve the circuit board and exit right. Stand near the panel on the left side of the door at right and wait for Joey to come over. Talk to Joey:


Immediately use the left hand panel. Exit right, then continue right over the pipes. Tie your cable to the pipe support and use the rungs at lower right. Use the tongs with the orifice to open a door at left, then use the cable to swing over to it. As soon as your cursor reappears, talk to Joey:


and watch the endgame sequence. Game credits can be skipped by pressing F5.

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