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Lord of the Rings Online

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  1. JRR (like Tolkien) stands for "Jack's RedPin Revisited".
    JRR is, first of all, a complete theme designed for today's high resolution screens.
    It also offers you to enjoy a collection of legacy/tribute themes, updated and revisited !
    There are currently 25 themes and sub-themes included in the main download ! And you can download three add-ons !
    The theme JRR A is a minimal dark glass theme, inspired and built with many Brygard's B.G.M elements. The theme JRR B offers a bit more transparency on the auto-attack button, the system buttons located at the left and the right of the toolbar are turned invisible. The theme JRR C has a minimalistic main bar. Auto-attack button is a bit more translucent. XP bar is turned invisible. All system buttons are set invisible, except when passing the mouse over them.
    Last but not least, the JRR skin collection is entirely modular:
    Every skin folder is considered as an addon and is independent from the other ones. This means each main skin folder can be deleted from the pack or modified without affecting the other skins. Every skin folder interacts with no other folder than "JRR CORE" folder. This folder contains the common files for all the JRR skins (this is the only folder which must not be deleted to get the skins working). This makes easy for anyone to freely publish a new skin, a patched or customized edition of a skin, ready to plug in JRR, in addition or as replacement of existing skin(s).
    This also means, as a simple user, you can reduce the number of skins embedded in the pack in just a few seconds, by simply deleting any skin folder you don't want to be featured any more!
    For this, open the JRR main folder, it is located there : "...Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ui\skins\JRR Skins collection\"
    Inside this "JRR Skins collection" folder, delete any folder corresponding to the skins you want to remove from the pack, and you're done, that's as simple as it
    Notice: Just don't remove the folder named "JRR CORE".
    For more information and latest update make sure to visit the original thread and author here.
    Installation Instructions:
    Download and unpack the .ZIP file on your desktop (with Windows, 7-zip (freeware) or Winrar ) then copy the folder named "JRR Skins collection" in "(My) Documents" --> "The Lord of the Rings Online" --> "UI" --> "skins"
    If UI and/or skins folders don't exist, create it.
    Usually the path is C:\User(s)\*your account name*\documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\UI\skins\ (It is the same folder that contains your LOTRO screenshots.)

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