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    Riders of Icarus is a free to play MMORPG that have a strong focus on mounts, or familiars as they are called in game. You can pretty much tame any animal in the game and use it as a mount or pet. There are enemies you cannot tame of course but don't worry, when you tame a cow and use it as a mount you don't really care.

    There are lot's of classes in the game ranging from DPS, Tank, Ranged and healers. Everyone with their own specific play style, armor, skills and so on.

    Other things that are worth mentioning about the game is that you can upgrade you current gear and make it stronger. So if better gear don't drop you can simply upgrade the gear you have. You do that by destroying gear in your bags. Skills that you acquire during your adventure can also be comboed to make even stronger skills or finishing attacks.

    There are many things to lake in this MMO and my hours with it have not found any pay to win feature other that XP boost which is not really a win feature. In the shop you can buy boosts, cosmetics, pets and more.

    A longer review will come but I can strongly recommend this game to anyone looking for a good free MMO. If not, you can at least try it out, it's free on Steam.

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    I have begun to add my favorite Minecraft addons and mods. Every mod and addon I upload have been tested with the newest version of Minecraft (1.11.2) to make sure it works. Installation instructions and added to every upload along with screenshots and more.

    If there is a problem getting something to work, feel free to have a discussion in the respective resources discussion topic.

    Texture packs (resourcepacks) might not have been tested. They usually works anyway, if not, a game crash can often be solved by deleting the pack from the folder.

    Thanks everyone and game on!